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Game Formats

The Paintball Co. takes pride in its imaginative and creatively designed game formats, to take your paintball experience to the next level.

You will never get bored at our arenas, as we always have the next level of game to get you excited, and believe us, you would keep coming back for more.

Each mission represents a detailed, realistic game scenario centredaround a loose storyline and a goal. From thrilling fantasy adventures to slick spy intrigues, our creative Game Missions set the scene and plunge you into a world far removed from your everyday experience.

Our numerous game scenarios ensure your paintball experience is endlessly varied. Every individual session is different, allowing you to reinvent your strategy and gameplay every time. Read through our game formats below for a taste of the excitement awaiting you on The Paintball Co.’s arenas.
Recreation Games
Scenario Games
Tournament Formats

Recreation Games: Popular for first time players, these games should give you an introductory flavor for paintball.

Scenario Games: Hungry for advanced level? These scenarios based on different missions will take your gaming experience to new heights.
Pick different roles for your team members, and then choose your mission.
Mission Roles
Mission games

Tournament Formats: The Paintball Co. organizes Tournament in both the International formats –

Speedball – The playing field is composed of bunkers, of the same location and number on each side of the field, that provide an equal playing field for each team competing. Perfect for competitive paintball, both teams get a level playing field.

Typically the field would be of inflatable bunkers. There are 3 popular formats within Speedball:
3 man format: 3 players on each side. Total players being 6.
5 man format: 5 players on each side. Total players being 10.
7 man format: 7 players on each side. Total players being 14.
All formats of Speedball are used by used by popular International leagues like NPPL,PSP,Millennium Series.


Woodsball (also known as woods paintball, hillball or bushball) is a format of paintball gaming, in which players compete in a natural outdoors area (contrasting with inflatable bunker-based speedball format).

It is recognized as the first format of paintball ever played, and is often used in conjunction with scenario paintball, allowing players to enact parts in a story or movie based theme. This is due to its effectiveness in allowing players to simulate military situations using realistic weaponry and equipment; all of which are customizable – allowing each player to fulfill a tactical role. The types of games playable are infinite. Check some of the scenario games, offered by The Paintball Co. at our battlefields.

The United States has two dominant leagues, the Woodsball Tournament League (WTL), and the Ultimate Woodsball League (UWL)