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Day Itinerary

Your Paintball Game Day (how it works)

Now that you have decided to Paintball, we would like to give you a few tips so you can make the most of your Paintballing day. Like most things in life, prior preparation helps in Paintball too!

If you are Paintballing for the first time, click here to see our FAQs section, and check out the Game rules to be on top of the game, before you get there!

If you are serious about Paintball, and are looking at being the Rambo of your group, then check our Gaming tips on Strategy & Tactics.
A quick tip… if you follow the 7P’s of Paintball, you won’t go wrong……

“Prior Preparation & Planning Prevents Poor Paintball Performance”

How To Prepare ?

Get your Track pants and T-shirt out – We recommend loose fitting clothes so its easy for you to run, but jeans would also do. Wear full sleeves & full pants if you are the sensitive type. If possible, wear old clothing which you don’t mind getting dirty.

If your friends or teammates have pulled a surprise on you, don’t worry! The Paintball Co. provides full body overalls, which saves your clothes from getting dirty. Also, all paint is washable and does not leave any stains. For more info, read Equipment & Gear

Wear running/ outdoor shoes or some sturdy footwear – Our fields have undulating terrains, and you don’t want to be hiding or stuck in one place, behind one bunker

Bring a change of clothes if it is raining – We play in all but the most extreme weather conditions and of course skin is waterproof! (you could also bring bags to put your dirty clothes in at the end)

Must carry a camera if your phone doesn’t have a good one – You don’t wanna miss out on all the FB updates to your friends

Don’t forget extra cash or credit/debit cards, especially if you want to be Rambo for the day!

Though its easy to find us, you can take a print-out of our route map, or ensure your Goggle maps is working. You can also follow our Helpline’s IVR, to listen to directions while driving.

Try reaching 10-15 minutes before your booking time, remember early bird always catches the worm

Most importantly don’t forget to bring your sense of adventure & fun!

What To Expect ?

10:00 Arrive on site, get your group together and our site Manager will meet and greet you all. (If you are pre-booked with us, show your booking receipt, and proceed. If you are yet to pay, then keep 5-10 minutes for your billing. We suggest choosing your Game formats & packages first, before you proceed for billing)
10:10 Post billing/ Checking-in, sign Waiver forms and proceed to briefing area. Read all the Safety rules & Game rules here, choose which games you would like to play, and split your group into 2 teams. Let the Marshal know your choice of game. Then, Marshal will detail out the Equipment working and Safety rules again. This is the time to ask any questions or clarify any doubts.
10:20 Your marshal will then issue your Safety gear & Equipment, alongwith your Paintballs. Get suited, and check that you are comfortable with all gear.
10:30 Proceed to the Battlefield with your Markers, and place them at the Marker Stands. You’re then given the chance to test your marker and check your aim at the firing range before heading to play your first game. Team Marshals will re-brief you on the game objectives, strategy and give useful hints and tips
10:35 Start your first game.
You will play between 8-10 games of paintball on different game formats (depending on your package) You will usually break between games, allowing you to have a drink and boast to team-mates how good you were.You can buy more Paintballs during your play, if the manager confirms we have the next slot available. Its always better to buy your paintballs beforehand, so you are assured of your booking time)If you wish to play more, you can choose from more game formats, and your Team Marshals will again brief you on the objectives and best tactics to complete the next Game formats.
12:00 You can take a Lunch or a Snack break, if you wish and then continue to play. Take time to relax, talk to friends and enjoy your snack/ lunch/ and have a drink, before starting out again. Post your session, each team will get their team picture taken which you’ll be able to download from our Facebook page in the following couple of days.
13:00 Drop off gear before the team results are announced. Don’t forget to collect your Security deposit back from the Billing office. Finish off your day with a farewell from the site manager.

Please note: these times will vary based on team size and also any pre-arranged additions to your day, like extra games time or any other special requirements

We request all players to reach 15 minutes before their booking time, Please remember if you miss the safety briefing you will not be allowed to play.