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Anytime Anywhere Paintball

The Paintball Co. has developed the expertise to bring a full fledged paintball set up, right at your door step- Anytime Anywhere, in India.

While we would love you to come to our permanent Paintball Arenas, but if you would like to have your own personalized paintball set up, then we have the answer for you.

Our team of experts can come to your location and set up a paintball field in less than 2 hours. The paintball set up can vary according to the size of your location and your requirement in terms of time available and number of players. We have the expertise to set up a paintball event for 20 people to 1000 people.

All We Need Is
  • An Open Field– Minimum size measuring 30ft by 60ft. This is the smallest field size that can be created which would accommodate 4-6 people at one time while the maximum size being 120ft by 180ft which can accommodate upto 25¬†people at one time.The terrain of your location could be grass based(preferably) as its easy to run on. If you have a concrete based we could do some work with that also, with some special arrangements.
  • An Electricity Connection
  • Water Availability

If you have the above three, then call or write to our Anytime Anywhere Paintball experts, and start planning your Paintball even right away

Anytime Anywhere Paintball Set Up Is Perfect For
  • Farmhouse Parties- Birthday celebrations, Bachelor parties, Family get togethers
  • Corporate Offsites- Conference, Corporate day-outs, Inventive plan meets, Partner meets/summits
  • Carnivals, Exhibitions, Large scale events- A sure shot way to engage your audience
  • Brand Promotions
  • Schools and College festivals
  • Alumni Associations’ get-together/ meet ups
Our Anytime Anywhere Set up Includes
  • Inflatable bunkers, as per international paintball standards
  • Paintball netting
  • Poles for netting
  • Paintball Equipment-markers,face masks
  • Paintball Safety Gear- protective suits
  • Stands for easy access to safety gear and paintball equipment
  • Trained marshals
  • Trained crew

The Paintball Co. has conducted, not hundreds, but thousands of paintball events, in the last 11 years, across the length and breadth of India- from Kashmir to Cochin and from Gujarat to Shillong, from hills to beaches, from lush green fields to hard concrete bases, The Paintball Co. can deliver a Paintball set up as per your requirements, Anytime Anywhere.

Check our image gallery for Anytime Anywhere Paintball events conducted by us in the past.

Other Adventure Activities

Alongwith a customized paintball set up, you can also ask us for other Adventure Activities.

1. Bull Ride

A mechanical bull, also known as a rodeo bull is a machine that replicates the sensation of riding a bucking animal, such as a rodeo bull or horse popularized by Sherwood Cryer. It is usually powered by a variable-speed electric motor. Padded flooring is often installed around the equipment in order to prevent injury to those thrown off it.

2. Foosball Table

Foosball also known as table soccer or kicker, is a table-top game and sport that is loosely based on association football. A table with 8 rods and ‘table soccer’ all over with a ball and some handles. There is a goal at each end and a place to serve on each side in the middle. Each player/team uses their handles to move their men to strike the ball into the opposing teams goal. You always go to your right and defend at your left. The tables are very cleverly built to provide different kinds of rods with different spacing between men. The game is fast and funny and everyone cheers and laughs. You can play for years and never get bored. Don’t be surprised if you get so excited if you sweat a little bit from the excitement.

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