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Birthday Party

If you are looking for an exciting and truly unique way to celebrate your special day – look no further! Paintball birthday parties are an exhilarating experience – action-packed, imaginative, and most of all, loads of fun.

Don’t get stuck with the idea that a Paintball Party is just for the little kids… We have Birthday Party events all the time for folks that are in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s!

Paintball is a unique way to bring in your big day, and get all your mates together, to get down n’ dirty!

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And while birthday parties can be hard work to organise, we at The Paintball Co. have over 11 years’ experience where we have organized thousands of Birthday Parties, ensuring that everyone has a good time on their special day. So take the guesswork out of planning your birthday paintballing party, and let us make sure things go smoothly!

Whether its special request for Food & Beverages options, from the standard Pizza deliveries to a fancy outdoor catering set up, from customized invitations to valet parking, we can take care of it all, so you can sit back and just relax on your special day.

Unleash your adventure streak, and get the adrenaline going!
Call our Events co-ordinator to plan your Paintball Birthday bash.