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How We Started

Similar to how any revolution starts – with passion, an intense desire to create something new, and an ignition. The Paintball Co., started off as the brain-child of Sumeet Sandhu, an SRCC & FMS Alumnus, who left her Corporate job, to pursue her passion for Adventure & Entrepreneurship.

In Sumeet’s words, “Its been a long, arduous journey, which began in 2005, when ‘Paintball’ was an alien word in India, and the first challenge was to christen the company itself, as ‘Paintball’ would not ring a bell. With the objective of harnessing the gap created from run of the mill Corporate training programs, to bringing the junk food loving, TV/ Computers/ video games gaga teenage population,‘Outdoors’, to establishing a new sport in the Cricket loving country – The challenge was not just entering the consumers’ mindspace, but occupying ‘a place’ there!”

And The Paintball Co. occupied more than a place!

The rest is history…
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