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What is Paintball

Paintball is the fastest growing extreme sport in the world, played in more than 100 countries, and is highly action packed & adrenaline pumping Adventure Sport.

  • It involves both the physical exertion of moving over various terrains and the mental activity of developing strategies.
  • A fast paced and exciting way of teaching a group of people to work as a team.
  • It is a game that simulates combat, the only game in which one can get closest to the real war.
  • Players shooting pellets of paint from their paintball markers at opposing players in a strategic game play.

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Paintball is played by people from all professions and lifestyles. It is a sport where women and men compete equally, and where age is not dominated by youth. Like a game of chess, being able to think quickly and decisively is what makes you a star in paintball. Intelligence and determination, not merely strength, speed or agility, are key to success in the game.

Paintball is a character-building sport. Players learn about teamwork, gain self-confidence and develop leadership abilities while having fun and getting welcome stress-relief. No wonder, it’s a very popular option, for corporate organizations who are finding the benefits of having their staff and management participate in paintball games, very actively.

Paintball is an exciting sport, and above all paintball is fun! It’s a chance to shake off your day-to-day responsibilities and rekindle your spirit of adventure. When the adrenaline starts pumping, you can’t help but love the thrill of the game!

How do you play Paintball?

Paintball is a combination of the childhood games “tag” and “hide & seek,” but is much more challenging and sophisticated. A team sport, similar to many other “ball” oriented sports,where 2 or more teams, strive to achieve a goal.

What makes it most exciting is the Equipment and Gear. Paintball guns called ‘Markers’ look and feel like real guns, and are powered through gas. These can shoot at the speed of 300ft/sec and fire at a distance of 150 ft. What is used as bullets, are balls filled with water soluble gel-paint inside, which splits open when it hits a surface, leaving a bright color mark. For more information on Equipment & Gear, click here. During the course of the game, the object is not to be eliminated and to attain the objective of the game. If you are hit with a paintball and it breaks, you are eliminated.

The goals of the game may differ depending on the game type. Sometimes you need to capture your opponent’s flag, defend your own flag or you have to eliminate all opposing players. Although there are many different game formats, typically a group of players will divide into two teams to play ‘capture the flag’, where the object is to go out and capture the other team’s flag while protecting your own. While you are trying to capture a flag, you also try to eliminate opposing players by tagging them with a ‘Paintball’ expelled from a special airgun called a ‘Paintball Marker.’

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The number of players in each team is free and is only limited by the size of the paintball field. Small skirmishes of two pairs can be played, as well as battles involving 500 players on each side. The simpler recreation games have a usual time limit of 7-10 minutes, and more evolved mission oriented scenario games could go upto 30-60 minutes.

So, there is no need to worry about having to wait for a long time, even if you get hit at the beginning of the game day. You will get a smell of the action plenty of times for sure, as long as you have paint bullets on you.

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History of Paintball

In the 1960s in the US, paint markers were used to mark trees and stray cattle, from a distance. The idea of using an ‘airgun for marking’, evolved and that’s how Paintball was born. In June 1981, the rules of the game were written and the first game of Paintball took place in in New Hampshire, United States.

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  • In 1984, Paintball reached Australia under the name of Skirmish Games. The first successfully mass produced paintball marker called the “SplatMaster” was introduced.
  • In 1985 England got it’s first outdoor paintball field.
  • In 1988 the IPPA (International Paintball Players Association), a non profit organization dedicated to the education, growth and safety of the sport of paintball was founded.
  • In 1991 Paintball was introduced to European countries including France and Denmark.
  • In 1992-1993 The NPPL(National Professional Paintball League, US) was founded.
  • In the late 90s, Paintball reached Malaysia, which continues to be the bigget hub of Paintball in Asia, till date.
  • PALS– Paintball Asia League Series has quickly grown into the premier organizer of paintball events in the Asia Pacific Region.
  • In 2005,Paintball came to India.

Over the years, Recreational as well as Professional paintball have become more sophisticated. Paintball now graces news stands with numerous publications like:

It also has several television shows broadcasting the sport including ESPN2.

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Paintball, the world over

Some statistics to let you know, how big is Paintball, globally:

  • Number of countries where paintball is played-150
  • Number of countries where Paintball is played professionally-50
  • Number of Paintball players- 16 million, and growing up rapidly
  • Major Paintball Magazines-16
  • Number of Paintball items listen on Ebay- 13,732
  • Paintball Markers sold in the U.S. per month-67,000
  • US Universities with paintball clubs/programs-105
  • Number of Paintball brands and manufacturers in the world greater than 200

Paintball in India

The adrenaline pumping sport of Paintball came to India, in the year of 2005. The Paintball Co. is officially credited with bringing the sport to India.

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India’s 1st Paintball Gaming Arena came up in Damdama, in early 2005, and since then, the sport has reached not just Metros and mini-metros, but also tier 2 cities, with most big cities boasting of a Paintball Gaming Arena.

The country has about 100 paintball fields, also some Professional Leagues, where players have lapped up Paintball as a professional sport.

Paintball, A Safe Sport

A lot of people wonder if Paintball is safe. Well, here are some facts! And you will be surprised.

In the United States, there are 0.2 injuries per 100,000 exposures for paintball a year. That compares to:

  • 5.2 injuries per 100,000 exposures for Boxing a year
  • 3.8 injuries per 100,000 exposures for Football and Skiing a year
  • 3.7 injuries per 100,000 exposures for Ice Hockey a year
  • 2.8 injuries per 100,000 exposures for Soccer & Baseball a year
  • 1.1 injuries per 100,000 exposures for Ice Skating a year

In fact, Paintball has one of the lowest injury rates of any sport in the United States.

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Yes, we do get some welts and bruises from the paintballs, but it is usually no worse than the bumps, bruises, and scratches that people get doing other things, especially playing other sports- soccer, cricket, kick-boxing.

According to American Insurance statistics, paintball is much safer than golf, tennis, swimming, jogging and many other sports.

What’s important is “Where are you playing Paintball”
If you are playing at an Organized and Certified Paintball field, which has trained marshals, and follows International Paintball Standards, you have no reason to worry.

But, if the standards are being compromised, you need to double check.

The Paintball Co. is ASTM Certified, and follows strict safety guidelines, maintaining 100% safety records. For more info on safety at The Paintball Co. click here